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Bathroom tiling installer

Bathroom tiling installer

Do you need or want your home remodeled ? Rather it be, changing out your old floor for a new one, or restoring an old bathroom. Ifixx Anything can sit down with you to create a plan that works for you! Your house WILL be the talk of the town! Call Ifixx Anything and enjoy the makeover!

tiled back splash
New Tiled backsplash

Ifixx Anything BOGO Offer

You got 1 fixed and not 2? Ifixx Anything is currently offering customer’s the chance to fix 1 device and get the 2nd one done for FREE until 1/31/19. Get not 1 but 2 devices for the price of 1. Call Now!!!

Bathroom remodel

Get a free design quote today.

Having an ugly bathroom is not good here at ifixx anything we can put together a remodel thats not expensive at all.

Its 2019 and your probably tired of using the same old ugly bathroom if so please give ifixx anything a call today. We accept home depot credit as payment.

Ugly Bathroom no More
Complete Bathroom Remodel.